Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Boy!

I can not believe my baby turned one yesterday. It feels like just yesterday that I looked into those little eyes and was introduced to my little man. As I was looking through pictures of him this past year I was filled once again with deep gratitude that my Father in Heaven has allowed me to be the mother of these beautiful children.

Yesterday we had a very fun filled day! Shon took the day off and we spent the day together at our cities carnival and later that night we had a BBQ with friends and family to celebrate this momentous occasion. I'll post pictures a little later after I have the chance to edit them. I also made a little video of his last year and if I can figure out how to post that I'll do that too. For now, her are a few little facts about Benson.

This little guy has me wrapped around his finger. He is very much a mam's boy but let me just say the feeling is mutual. I can't get enough of the little loves I get all day long. One of may favorite things about him is that constantly throughout the day, whether playing of exploring, about every 10 minutes he will come and find me and lay his little head on my lap for just a little bit, and then he is off again! I just love it.

Did I mention he is a mama's boy? He is very jealous of any attention I give to others. If its one of the other kids I'm holding, he promptly stops what he's doing and begs to be held. Every time Shon attempts to kiss of hug me he is right there pulling out legs apart, or if he happens to be in my arms, pushing Shon's face away. Why do I think that's cute? A couple of weeks ago, we were at my parents house and I was giving my little brother a back massage. Well Bens was having none of that. He crawled into my lap, and pushed my brothers back away. When he finally did get up, he gave him the meanest look you would ever see a baby intentionally give!

Benson is by far my littlest baby. I haven't had his 12 month check up yet but at 9 months he was in the 9th % for weight and about the 20th % for height, and I don't think he has grown much since then since he is still in the same clothes. But this kid loves to eat and can just about out eat any of my kids. He must have his daddy's metabolism. Lucky boy!

Benson has been taking about 10 or so steps at a time for about a month or so, but just in the last week has really started walking most of the time. He gets so proud of himself and will clap after he takes a few steps. It's adorable.

Bens loves to dance, loves his binkis and loves to be outside. Every time I pull out a camera he automatically smiles if there is nothing distracting him. It's very convenient! He just recently starting sleeping through the night (like within the last week) and it is so wonderful, after a year of waking up multiple times a night this is definitely welcomed! His brothers and sister (and daddy or course) also absolutely adore him also. He is such a wonderful part of our family. Happy Birthday Bens we love you!

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