Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy 17th Joseph!

My little brother turned 17 yesterday. Wow! It feels like all these young people keep getting older and I stay the same age. How does that work? Everyone that knows Joseph absolutely loves Joseph. He has a kind, forgiving and sensitive heart. He is always looking out for others needs and is quick to make someone feel just a little better about themselves.

Joseph has, and has always had, a deep faith and great knowledge of the Gospel. He is an extremely spiritual young and and has taught me a thing or to on more than one occasion with his simplicity.

Joesph is a hard worker. Whether its in the yard or at the consignment store he will give 100%. I have just recently started teaching him to play the piano and he works so hard at perfecting it each week. Even though Joseph may have had to work a little harder at most things than most people do, he never gives up, and for that he is an example to us all.

Joseph never gives up. He has been through, and continues to go through things that most people just read about. But his determination and positive attitude shine for us all. Joseph we love you so much. Happy 17th little brother!

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