Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Little Thief

This is my brother Josh:

And of course this is Evan:

Can you see the striking similarities?

Well, it's not just in the appearance, I tell ya. Rewind to about 20 years ago. Our childhood neighbors walk into their locked house only to find Josh sitting on their kitchen floor, spoon in hand and a bucket of ice cream.

Now jump ahead to last Saturday. Our next door neighbor had baked cookies and brought them out to the kids who were playing outside. Well, you see, one cookie is never enough for Evan. A little while later Diana, our neighbor hears her front door open and assumes it is her daughter who was also outside playing. But Evan comes wandering in the kitchen demanding (but cutely I might add) another cookie. She playfully tells him he can't just walk into her house. A few minutes later she is outside with her daughter and we see Evan dart from her front door to our house, many cookies in hand.

But hey, Josh didn't turn out to be a thief behind bars. He actually turned out pretty darn okay. So there is still hope for this crazy yet adorable one of ours.

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