Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter was wonderful. When Shon and I woke up this morning I wondered out loud to him why it is that Easter is easily forgotten, in a sense. We put so much into celebrating His birth, which of course is wonderful and my favorite time of year, but we seem to just glide on by Easter - myself included. I spend at least a full month getting myself and my family ready, trying to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas into our lives. But, Easter morning arrives and I realize I so haven't so much as even talked to my kids about the true meaning of Easter.

Maybe it should be the other way around.

Obviously Christmas and the birth of the Savor is so important. After to all, he needed to be born to perform the miraculous things He did for us. But the Atonement is really what is the most important. It is the reason He came to this earth. It is the reason we are all so indebted and full of gratitude towards Him. It was then that He fulfilled all that the Father asked and made that sacrifice - truly incomprehensible to me.

I am so grateful to my Savior for this things I can only pray to understand a little clearer everyday. I am grateful that He not only made it possible for me to return but for my family to be together forever. I am grateful that I have the knowledge and comfort that I know I can be with those I love now and those who have passed, like my Opa, who I truly miss. I am grateful that he felt all that I feel. My happiness, my pain, my sufferings, my affliction, my sadness. I am grateful that as I use the Atonement in my life, I can feel Him lifting these burdens from me, making me stronger and better.

The sweetest part of Easter happened for my tonight at Shon's sister's house. After the wonderful dinner we had, we were all gethered around and some were sharing the things they learned from conference, which meant something to them. Little Evan had lost interest and I was trying to keep him quiet. He walked over to a series of pictures they had taped on their wall (obviously from and earlier Easter lesson) and pointed to the one with the Savior on the cross, and then the one that shows the nail prints in His outstretched hands. I then heard Him telling his cousin Kate that Jesus had died for him but that He came back to life. It's moments like these that make the holiday truly special.

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