Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Decorating Part 5

Our bedroom has always seemed to come last in the line of decorating. It is always something I will get to later. I mean for heaven's sake, for the last 6 years we have had a couple of Shon's Junior High wrestling trophies adorning our TV cabinet. Sheesh. So I told Emma although she is super anxious and excited about redoing her room, it would have to wait until after ours.

A year ago for Christmas I got this new bedspread, but it needed the pillows. I just LOVE pillows. I really think they add so much. Also, a friend of mine has a Cricut and Gypsy machine (which may be the 2 most fabulous inventions on this earth) and she is so gracious to let me cut whatever vinyl I want. We came up with this above our bed that says "Establish a house or prayer, fasting, faith, learning, glory, order, A house of God."

No one loves a better deal than I do. I had been keeping my eye our for a bookshelf for some time. Now, I am one of those - the furniture must match- kind of people. So it had to be cherry. I was shopping at Kohls, they were having a great sale, what little furniture they had was 60% off and I had an additional coupon for 30% off the entire purchase. The only one they had left of this shelf was the floor model, which was chipped on the bottom shelf (which by the way was super-easy to touch up with a furniture correction marker- plus it was already assembled!). So I asked if I could purchase it, and if since it was damaged I could have any kind of additional discount. Well, let me tell you, it never hurts to ask. She gave it to me for an additional 20% off. So....this shelf which I absolutely love and is perfect for our room, started out at $99 and we walked away paying $21. Pretty great right?

So in additional to the vinyl, pillows and the shelf, I redid the accessories on the TV cabinet (goodbye little gold people with much to tight clothing), redid the accessories on our desk and bought curtains. Once again, I am so much happier with it that I was a few weeks ago. It amazing what a little TLC can do to a room isn't it?

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