Monday, March 15, 2010

Above and Beyond

I mentioned before that my birthday was on Friday. 29 years - only one more year in my twenty's - I really feel old, but that a whole other story! This year, as I do every year right before my birthday I set myself up for disappointment. I convince myself that no one cares about me and that everyone will forget my birthday. I was wonderfully surprised this year! Everyone who means the most to me remembered and I couldn't have been more blessed. But Shon went all out. It was wonderful, who doesn't love being pampered? As always he had to leave early for work, much earlier than we here around these parts even open our eyes. But I woke up to this:

He had made me a throne, complete with red carpet. It was so fun for the kids and for me too! The gifts he and the kids got me were so wonderful, too wonderful in fact - too much!

The kids also made this birthday fabulous. For weeks they had been counting down and making me little cards and notes to wish me a happy birthday. They were so excited o give me my presents that morning. I tried to wait until Shon would be home, since he put all the effort in it but they just couldn't wait. Especially little Parker, he was bursting at the seams with excitement! Emma was funny. I opened her gift, which she had wrapped in three different layers - she thought she was the funniest girl on earth with that one. Then I opened up a box with an old cell phone that we had in it. She knew I wanted a new phone, so I did what any loving mother would do - I told her it was wonderful and just what I wanted. She rolled her eyes and said mom, look at the note in the box (which said my new cell phone was coming in the mail). Its so funny to me that she thought I was so lame and stupid for thinking that was the real present. She is growing up too fast.

It was a wonderful birthday and one I will never forget. I love you guys - your the best!

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