Thursday, February 11, 2010


So Benson has been on the brink of crawling for about 2 months now. He's got the whole rocking thing down and he can move his hands forward, but he just can't figure out his little legs.

But, in the past week he has mastered the army crawl. This I have never understood. It takes so much more energy to pull your body than to crawl! He is getting pretty good at it, the only problem is. by the time he reached his destination, most the time he is in tears. His only motivation is to get to me. So if I am not within mauling distances he scoots his way on over. Sometimes it just takes a little longer than he would like, so he painfully takes one pull at a time, crying every step, or scoot, along the way.

Shon thinks this is so comical and loves to sit back and watch it unfold. I caught this process in a few pictures.

He begins his journey

Still happy.....

Starting to get a little bugged (sorry about the drool)

And, he breaks...

Why is it that I think he's so darn cute when he is crying? Am I a really mean mommy?

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