Sunday, January 3, 2010

GC Recap #9 - Prayer and Promptings

President Boyd K. Packer said, "We are, none of us, left here alone without hope of guidance and redemption.

"That sweet, quiet voice of inspiration comes more as a feeling than it does as a sound. Pure intelligence can be spoken into the mind. The Holy Ghost communicates with our spirits through the mind more than through the physical senses. This guidance comes as thoughts, as feelings through promptings and impressions. We may feel the words of spiritual communication more than hear them and see with spiritual rather than with mortal eyes."

I love how simple and yet true this is. Sometimes, I think we try to make it too complicated - over analyzing things in our minds. It seams to go back and forth, back and forth - second guessing the feelings we are having. In times that I have done this, I have found, the the answer is always made clear. Even when I am rethinking every little thought, I find if I am "still" he does make himself and his will known.

He said, "You can know the things you need to know. Pray that you will learn to receive that inspiration and remain worthy to receive it. Keep that channel—your mind—clean and free from the clutter of the world.

"Learn to pray. Pray often. Pray in your mind, in your heart. Pray on your knees. Prayer is your personal key to heaven. The lock is on your side of the veil. And I have learned to conclude all my prayers with “Thy will be done”

"Do not expect to be free entirely from trouble and disappointment and pain and discouragement, for these are the things that we were sent to earth to endure."

This was a talk that I needed to reread. Heavenly Father does hear and answer my prayers. Sometimes, most the time, its not when I want it answered. I have come to realize that I need to learn patience. But he does hear my pleas and in those quite moments, I can feel that he is listing and comforting me through hard, discouraging and uncertain times.

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