Friday, December 11, 2009

Laughing all the way.....

There are a lot of fantastic things about being married to Shon. One that is really great is that he can make me laugh. He does have his little puns that are funny the first time, but after hearing them a hundred more tend to make me roll my eyes. In all honesty though, he does make me laugh on a daily basis.

But the laughter I am talking about tonight is something he does when he is completely unaware. Shon talks in his half sleep, half awake stage and can carry on some of the funniest conversations.

Last night he fell asleep with Benson laying on his chest. I moved Benson into his crib but when I took him off Shon, Shon didn't move a muscle. Weird, I thought, he wouldn't even be aware if he fell off the bed. So I decided to play into it a little bit. I came back in our bedroom and gently shook him awake.

"Where's Benson?!" I asked, startled.
"Um, Um (gibberish inserted here)" (imagine him checking his chest and then under pillows)
"Oh I gave him to Emma."
"When did you give him to Emma?" I asked
"When she had the red blanket on her head."

Then I started to laugh. I always try to hold it in as long as I can because as soon as I laugh it wakes him up. This, however is far from the best half awake story to date.

I had just had Emma. It was the middle of summer, so we had a portable fan that blew on us all night long. I had got up to feed Em in the middle of the night and was in the rocking chair right next to the bed. Shon sits straight up and starts rocking back and forth. "Bree you need to come over by me." "Why?" I ask. "You just do" he says, "Its dangerous." At this point I know he's in one of his states so I play along. "Don't forget the baby" he says as I am walking over.

So I get back on the bed. He crawls up behind us, puts his arms around us and starts rocking us with him. He says well more like shouts "You need to be careful, the wind is really strong and its rocking the ship. I will protect you and Emma, but you need to do what I say." He then starts to mumble this and that there, and actually crawls over to the edge of the bed and looks over the side. "Oh it's pretty bad." At this point I couldn't stand it any longer and burst into laughter.

He of course never remembers any of this when he wakes up. But it does provide for some very exciting nights.

Would you believe I don't have 1 picture of him sleeping with the kids? Pathetic!

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