Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hark! the herald angels sing, Glory To the Newborn King!

Tonight Shon and I were able to go to his work Christmas dinner in which Julie Beck, the Relief Society president spoke to our small group. It was such an intimate nice setting. She began by opening it up to us to ask questions. Many questions were asked on raising children and in teaching youth. All answers, I felt, applied to motherhood - isn't that the greatest teaching we will ever do?

Some of the things she said that were influence to me were:

"When raising young children keep the perspective that we are raising future prophets and prophetesses. This will help with our patience. When raising young children, it seems that its the same thing over and over. But savor those moments. So many times I have said, 'I wish I'd have know that was the last time I was going to do that."

This was so inspirational to me! I really just need to slow down. I try to do too many things, and when I can't accomplish those thing, my children bear the weight of it. I too often get frustrated with them even though they are doing nothing wrong. I am just trying to do too many things. They will be grown too quickly and I will miss their childhood if I'm not careful. This was something I defiantly needed to hear.

She also said "Children and youth need experiences with the spirit. They need to know what the spirit feels like. They will make mistakes in their youth. When they make these mistakes if they have a testimony they will repent, if they don't they will give up."

And two final things she said were to teach your children "to take care of the poor. That is ones of the signs that we are His people." And, "Don't interfere with what the Lord is doing. He has a plan, help if you know how, but don't interfere."

I am so grateful Shon and I had the opportunity to attend this dinner tonight. I am so grateful for servants of the Lord who take their time to teach us how to be better. What a wonderful addition to this holiday season as we try to be just a little better than in the past.

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