Sunday, December 13, 2009

First Presidency Devotional Recap - President Eyring

President Eyring said, "The story of Christmas, given to us by Luke, creates feelings of peace and goodwill, just as the angel choir promised.

"The promise of peace, which brought by his birth, comes whenever we qualify to experience his love and cleansing power, which comes because of his atonement. And every inspired story of Christmas brings a feeling of his love for us."

I have been thinking about this phrase "Peace on Earth" quite a bit lately. Songs ring out that shout "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." and "Peace on earth, good will towards men." What does peace on earth mean?

Years past I have thought his to mean, actual peace - a world free from war. Which obviously would be wonderful. But this year, I have come to realize it means so much more. Peace for everyone is different. Peace from war, peace from sadness, peace from loneliness, and for me and our family - peace from sickness and disease.

Now as I sing "Peace on earth", I sing for a day when we no longer will have to worry about cancer or any diseases or sickness. I know that day will come. The birth of Christ brings that hope and assurance that that day will come.

President Eyring goes on to say, "True stories of Christmas always increase (our) faith in him and in his mission. And with that faith our determination grows to share with him to help in his loving mission of mercy and rescue.

"We can choose this Christmas and every day to create a small part of the Christmas story in our own lives." What a beautiful promise! May this year the spirit of Christmas be written in our hearts to last all year long.

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