Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas......

Christmas day this year proved just to be as fantastic and memorable as Christmas Eve.

As soon as Evan saw those presents, he literally dove right in!

This is the "Wow! So cool" - face. I love it!

As cute as Emma is in the morning, she defiantly gets the bed head syndrome from her mommy!

Half way through Evan decided to de-robe and then he tried to fit through the ribbons on Emma's gift....

Bens got an activity table the was a big hit - and that would be Emma sporting her new Hannah Montana wig in the background....

Later that afternoon we headed to Bountiful to have brunch with the Hawkes clan. Grandma made all her grandchildren matching pajama pants - so cute, and such a feat!

We ended the night back with the Mickelsen family who met up to see a movie together that night. It was a wonderful, memorable day. Here's counting down to next Christmas!

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