Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Think Ye of Christ?

Tonight as part of our scripture study we were reading "Images and Testimonies of the Living Christ", which is a book compiled of beautiful artwork and testimonies from prophets and apostles. We read,

"The most important question in human history is one which echos down through the corridors of time; it will not go away: "Jesus asked them...what think ye of Christ?" (Matt. 22:41-42.) Sooner or later, this will be the vital question for all mortals, including you, my friends! A failure to answer this question is an answer." Neal A. Maxwell, Our acceptance of Christ

It was one of those moments where the events of the day flashed through my mind. I saw a confrontation I had with an angry customer at work - How did I handle it? What did I think of Christ?

I saw myself, an angry mommy who came home to a messy basement that the kids had promised to clean up. How had I handled myself then? What did I think of Christ?

This question, I realized can be answered everyday, multiple times a day. And for tomorrow, and I go about the day, what will my answer be then? What think ye of Christ?

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