Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Could I Ask For A Better Husband?

I just have to talk about the wonderful husband I have for a little bit. Shon is amazing. He is much better and more talented in just about everything. in fact, he is a much better person than I am.

He is patient. Oh, is he patient. This is one of those traits that I was not blessed with. I could be thrown in the the compulsive pile. But seldom does Shon get frustrated or impatient. "It will all work out" is one of his common phrases.

He is full of faith and has a deep personal relationship with the Savior. He knows him, and his actions is everyday life exhibit that. He loves the scriptures and that encourages me to know and love the scriptures more.

He has a way of making everyone feel special. This must be where Evan gets it. He takes the time for those that need a friendly hello (or an hour long chat - much to my frustration). He will go out of his way to offer a friendly hello, or his famous "Where are you from? Who do I know from there? Do you know....." I need to be more friendly.

He is a fabulous dad. Each night he bathes the kids and gathers them around me so we can read scriptures. I sometimes feel guilty about this. He is so helpful, I should pitch in.

I could go on and on. But those are the 4 things that tonight I admire most about him, things that I need to work on. Why am I so sentimental tonight? Probably because today I officially started to work for the first time (just a couple afternoons a week), but those kind of thing make you sentimental. At least they do for me. I am just grateful I have a husband who I can trust so completely when I am away from my little angels.

Oh and did I mention I think he's pretty handsome too?

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