Saturday, November 7, 2009


As I thought about the events of today, it feels like my Heavenly Father has been whispering to me in small ways of hope. Hope in the future, hope in becoming better, hope in happiness, hope and assurance in His comfort and love, in His hand in all things.

Tonight as Emma and I were walking into a store, we passed a man, smiling broadly at us. I recognize him as the father of Sadie Huish, a little girl who lost her battle with cancer not too long ago. Her story consumed my life for a little while. I would sit at the computer, reading her blog, sobbing for hours.

Tonight her father was smiling. Not just a small smile to say hello, but a huge grin as he passed Emma and I. How is he this happy? How has this life not made him bitter? He gave me hope.

I came home sat down and opened up my email. This was from my sister in law. Its a little cheesy but nonetheless, it gave me hope.

Then, I started scanning through my blog list updates. I clicked on a cousins log, and had to leave to go and take care of Benson. But her music was still playing. A song came on that I sat and listened to and by no coincidence, although there are many songs in her playlist, the same song by a different artist immediately followed. This gave me hope.

He is there. He is in control. I have hope in this. I have faith in this.

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