Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Different Love

I am, and always have been a believer in the five love languages. I guess I just never applied it to my children. Strange, that in my mind, children showed love and receive love all the same way. But today it clicked that children show and receive love just as differently as we as adults do.

Evan has been in trouble all day long today it seems. On multiple occasions I caught him screaming "Boo" in Benson's face when he was sleeping. Infuriated that it was happening over and over again, I punished him. Time out, most of the times.

Tonight right before we put the kids to bed I asked Evan, why he screams in Benson's face. "Because I love him" he said simply. "Is that how you show him you love him?", I asked. "Yep". And that was that.

He just shows love differently than I show love, Emma shows love, or Shon shows love. Its not bad, just different.

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