Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Happy Birthday to my Brother

This time, its the baby of the family - Heber. He is 13 today! We love Heber so much, he is such a significant, vital part of our family. We just wouldn't be the same without you Heb! Heber has always made his place in this world known. From the time he was a baby, he knew what he wanted and found away to get it. I remember, I rather disliked (to put it mildly) the name Heber from the time my parents named him. I, being a teenager and thinking the world revolved around me, thought that his name should be Jordan. So I decided to call him Jordan (this went on for months). Well, he pretty much hated me until I called him by the right name. He would cry when I held him, and he would wait til I was out of the room to be happy again. One day my mom told me it was because I refused to call him by his name. So I gave in, and started calling him Heber. Immediately he warmed up to me and let me hold and cuddle him.

Heber is looked up to by many people, especially his nieces and nephews. He makes an impact on all those he meets. Unfortunately he has had 5 moms growing up and we all parent him a little too much I think, but he puts up with it, and we love you for that Heb! Sometimes I think he may get left behind a little bit, but I want him to know that we all love him so much. Happy big 13 little bro!

I love this picture - Heber is helping the kids fish over a bridge into the river

Heber (On the far right), Joseph with the nieces and nephews on Halloween last year

Heber helping the kids decorated the haunted house

Heber and Emma - Bear Lake 2009

Heber, Shon and Emma - Bear Lake 2009

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