Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This month is such a special one......

Its birthday time for you - Parker turned 5 on Monday! I can't believe my Sweet little boy is 5. It seems like just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital to have him. Parker is such an important link in our family. He is the calm, sensitive spirit that keeps us all peaceful. He is my little one that needs those special moments that I just sit and hold him, something all mothers would agree is pure happiness. He is such a great big brother and loves to help hold and bathe Benson. He compromises what he wants for what Evan and Emma want most of the time. I love that he is just content sitting back and watching others have fun, and that brings him just about as much happiness as participating himself. He absolutely loves the scripture stories and is our little reminder when we try to put them to bed without reading. His primary teachers have commented that he knows all the story's really well. He is learning to pray for help when needed, without prompting from us, which we are so proud of. And how can I talk about Parker without mentioning his beautiful eyes and cute, red cheeks - I love them!

On Saturday he had a little birthday party. Here are the boys at that party.

We began the party by painting wooden cars

Then we played 'pin the tire on Lightning McQueen'

We then hit a firetruck pinata that Parker named "Red". Then it was present and cake time. My sister Alaina, has become quite the cake decorator. Her cakes always turn out absolutely beautiful - she has quite a talent for this new found talent of hers. Check out her new blog that she has started for this its Does anyone know how to enter a link? I've tried with the little link button at the top and after 7 tries, I'm giving up! There is a link on my friends and family list to the right.
Here's the cake she made for Parker, as a gift for him. Isn't is so adorable - I absolutely loved it!

Monday we of course began the day by opening presents. He got a new bike, which he found in the storage room on Saturday, so we just gave it to him early. He just learned how to ride without training wheels, but I have yet to take pictures of that - I will eventually though. And then he got a couple of other small things. Is there anything cuter than a happy little boy on his birthday?

Then we met some of my family at Chuck E Cheese for lunch for a fun filled afternoon of loud arcade noises and germs! No, really it was fun the kids had a blast!

All in all, I think he had a really great day. We love you Parker!


  1. Happy Birthday Parkie! Thanks for the shout out too. :)

  2. Parker's cake is amazing! Your sister is very talented. Emma B. can't wait for Emma H. to sleep over. See you guys soon.

  3. You did such a great job with his party- I'm impressed you can be so creative with a newborn!

  4. so fun - love the cake and looks like a fun party - i am WAY behind on my blog :) but Lauren turned 2 last tuesday - can you believe it! crazy how time flies ;) Glad you are all doing well!