Monday, October 6, 2008

Tagged by Kara

Fun Insights!

3 Favorite Last Purchases
1. ? :) 2. An elliptical 3. A webkins Horse for Parker off of EBay (only because I got a fabulous deal!

3 Favorite Movies
1. The Notebook 2. Father of the Bride 3. Hitch

3 Things I Haven't Done Yet
1. Learned how to conquer my temper 2. Gone to Disneyland with my husband and all three kids 3. Finished my bachelor's degree

3 Things I Cannot Live Without
1. Shon and the kids (my other fam too) 2. The gospel 3. TV at night (sad but true)

3 Favorite Dishes
1. Cheesy Vegi Soup 2. The house soup from Carrabba's 3. Cafe Rios Chicken Tortilla Soup (what can I say - I love soup!)

3 Favorite TV Shows
1. A Baby Story 2. The Office 3. Criminal Minds

3 Last Places I've Traveled
1. Oregon 2. Logan 3. Rexburg (kinda pathetic huh?)

3 Favorite Deserts
1. Cheesecake 2. Cinnamon Rolls 3. Smoothies

3 Things I Would Buy if Money Weren't an Issue
1. A custom built spacious home in American Fork 2. A brand new Sienna (I know- weird - dreams of a nicer mini van!) 3. A horse for Parker


  1. I learned a lot about you from these top three favorites. Someday I will bring you some soup and you can eat it late at night while watching tv. I love ya!

  2. So I am wondering what the firs ? means? I guess you put it there for a reason. :-) I can't live without my T.V. at night either. I love DVR but would probably watch less T.V. without it.

  3. Yea, what is ? Does that mean you can't think of one or you don't want to tell us what it is? You soup lover you. At least your last 3 purchases weren't just for you. Mine were quite selfish. LOve ya tons.

  4. Oh bree, i sure love you, your soup. A house in american fork eh? Beautiful place! Love you!

  5. I have to admit, I'm curious too! I'm with ya about the soup thing. Have you ever tried Pollo Loco's chicken tortilla soup? It's another good one!

  6. Who doesn't dream of a nicer mini-van?

    Cute pictures, too, BTW!!

    Oh, and side note - Emma is the sweetest girl. Whenever I'm @ the school for PTA stuff, I usually see her. She is always so nice to go out of her way to say "Hi Lincoln's mom!"